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Off the beaten track Moscow tour

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Are you in Russia for the first time? You would like to visit the most important sites but also run away from the flooded touristic paths and taste a local lifestyle? If so, than «Off The Beaten Track Moscow Tour» tour is exactly what you need!  
Программа экскурсии

I keep this tour fun and interactive. I will spare you the boring stories and focus on the key facts, unfolding the most dramatic and humorous aspects of the Russian history. 

This tour is also a perfect opportunity for you to interact with locals and learn about thecurrent Russian reality. You get a chance to ask us any questions — how an average Russian life looks like, what do Russians love and hate about their country, what do they think about different social issues and current politics.

Tour highlights:
— Discover the major sights of Moscow including Red Square, Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum and GUM department store.
— Feel the traditional and religious spirit of Russia.
— Run away from flooded touristic paths and go where locals spend their free time!
— Visit hidden places of Tverskaya Street.
— Get the most out of Moscow, while interacting with locals and learning about authentic Russian lifestyle!

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«Off The Beaten Track Moscow Tour» is available on every Wednesday and Friday.



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