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Suzdal is an open air museum, an ancient Russian town that has about two hundred ancient monuments of secular and religious architecture clustered on the area of nine square kilometers.The calm waters of the Kamenka River have been reflecting the silhouettes of the numerous churches for about a thousand years. Among architectural monuments of special interest for tourists is the Kremlin surrounded by ancient ramparts, the complexes of the Convent of the Intercession and the Monastery of Our Saviour and St. Euthimius, the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Rural Life. Every hour, the ringer of The Bell-Tower gives magical concerts of the bell chimes for the tourists. Vladimir, an ancient historic Russian town located on a tributary of the Volga. Vladimir bears the name of its founder, Prince Vladimir Monomach. The city dates back to the 10th century and some of places you will see are the Golden Gates, the Byzantine Assumption Cathedral, numerous frescoes of Andrey Rublev, and the Cathedral of Dmitry.
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